Constructing The Perfect Patio For Your Home

Patios are brilliant additions to any home – whether it be the front or backyard. They’re gorgeous design pieces that also happen to be very practical. Each home deserves the best patio that suits the overall vibe of the home. If you play your cards right, you can even blend it with your driveway in Melbourne as well as your home. In a past blog, we looked at four specific types of patios, but today we’re going to be highlighting several elements that you should consider when looking at designing a patio for your home.


Planning its breadth

How big is the patio going to be? Will it lead up to your door or will it reside on the ground level? These are crucial design questions that will help shape the look of your patio. If you’re laying one in the backyard, then you might be wanting to extend it further out and create an outdoor entertainment area or living room.

This can open up a range of opportunities in terms of lounges, seating and cooking appliances. Another thing to remember about backyard patios is that they don’t necessarily have to be connected to your house. If you have space, then they can be a bit further out in your yard.

Front yard patios are generally a few steps more elevated, but it really depends on what you’re looking for and if it would suit your house. Obviously, this is a much better option for homes whose foundations are raised. Front yard patios can either be quite small and brief – with room for only a single pot plant – or, they can be a bit larger with room for a couple of chairs.


Picking the material

Patios generally match the material of your home – so if it’s a weatherboard home then wooden planks would make up the patio with either the same or contrasting colour. This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. Regardless of what material your house is made from – whether it be weatherboard or double brick – a solid concrete patio will always look great.

Why is this? Because there are so many different options for you to choose from, whether it be exposed aggregate (a popular choice for many paths, patios and driveways in Melbourne) or textured concrete. Adding slate tiles is also another way to distinguish your patio and really make it stand-out. If you’re opting for a tiled patio, then patterned and decorative tiles are also possibilities that could really give your home a rustic and classic charm.


Furnishings and details

Backyard patios can have a lot of options when it comes to filling out space – especially since they can be placed anywhere in your backyard. You can install an entire outdoor kitchen with a nice dining table and outdoor fireplace. If you’re looking for something a bit more lowkey then a ping-pong table with some chairs and lounges are also great ideas – and don’t forget to install or place some Bluetooth speakers around for extra entertainment.

Front yard patios tend to be a little more limited due to their size but can still hold a couple of chairs or small lounges as well as a small table. These can be great as some people prefer relaxing in their front yard as opposed to the back. Another feature that applies to all types of patios is if the supporting columns are going to be decorative or just plain.



It’s not compulsory for patios to be undercover and sometimes having uncovered ones can be fantastic – especially in the summertime. But putting up a cover – either temporary or permanent – can also lead to a lot more opportunities when it comes to furnishings and appliances. A unique idea would be (if the patio is connected to your home) to put some glass skylights in that way you can let the light shine through in some instances. You can also opt for a pergola if your patio is detached from your home.


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