Before the rise to popularity of timber patio decking, most patios and outside living areas were made of harder material such as concrete or pavers. There was a reason for the use of these very versatile and durable products, which soon became evident as timber decks started to rot or warp, and, in order to remain looking good, needed to be sanded down and re-stained. Depending on how much sunlight the deck was exposed to, the frequency of re-staining was significant. Many homeowners are now returning to concrete as their patio flooring of choice, simply because of the benefits it offers over other outdoor flooring products.


The weather will soon take its toll on less robust materials, and a patio floor needs to stand up to not only outdoor conditions, but also a lot of wear and tear from use. Concrete will not rot or buckle in the same way that lengths of timber might, and will remain looking as good as the day it was poured with minimum maintenance. It doesn’t fade, and, provided you get an experienced builder or driveway installation team to prepare the substrate and install the patio, you will get many years of use out of it.


Rather than having to sand down the decking and re-stain the timbers every other year or sooner, concrete, by comparison, is relatively maintenance free. Sweeping away any debris and then once in a while using a pressure washer to hose down any dirt will keep the surface looking in pristine condition. Due to the solid surface of concrete, there won’t be a need to clear out grass and weeds that could get into the sand-filled cracks between pavers, for example. Concrete also won’t offer up any uneven edges or tilt, as brick pavers sometimes do as they settle, thus reducing the risk of trips and falls.


Thanks to the innovation of coloured concrete, as well as techniques in brushing or stamping the surface to make it look like pavers, concrete is a very versatile product. And if you happen to design and install a new driveway at the same time, the installers will even be able to match the patio to your driveway.

Looking to get a new patio floor? Instead of timber decking, do consider concrete for a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing option that will boost the value of your property and give your home instant “kerb appeal”.