4 Attractive Concrete Patio Designs

Entering the second month of spring there’s no doubt that everyone’s enjoying the steady transition into warmer, sunnier weather. You don’t have to go to a park or café to enjoy the nice weather though. Before summer hits, make that patio you’ve always thought about getting a reality. Whether it’s in your back or front yard, there’s a myriad of ideas you can go with. If you’re looking to stand out in Melbourne though, why not consider an exposed aggregate patio? Let’s take a look at four designs that’ll get you excited and inspired.

1.    The multi-levelled patio

This design is quite exciting as it opens up a range of possibilities not just for relaxation, but also for gardening as well. This can be done in two ways. The first is where you place your furnishings and barbeque on the ground level, and then create a few smaller levels going up that can act as raised garden beds with concrete planters.

The other way is the reverse. The top-level is your recreational area and the garden levels are built on a decline. This works especially well if your backyard is on a natural decline already. Mix it up by making each level a different colour with the large selection of colours and aggregates available when choosing exposed aggregate concrete.


2.    The hybrid patio

Whether it’s with grass and concrete or wood and concrete, mixing it up is always great fun. A classic idea is large, rectangular exposed aggregate slabs with well-trimmed grass in between. The steps leading down from the patio would be made of exposed aggregate as well.

Similarly, you can use pebbles or medium-sized stones to fill in the gaps between the concrete slabs. Using exposed aggregate as your patio concrete of choice also gives you the added benefit of a non-slip surface.

Alternatively, you can create a wholly concrete patio and border it with wooden planks – or even flip it around and border a wooden deck with concrete slabs. The dark wood will contrast beautifully with the classic, cool grey of concrete and you’ll end up getting the best of both worlds.


3.    The concrete roof patio

This is quite a unique idea. Whatever style of patio you decide to go with on the ground level, you can build a matching – or contrasting – concrete roof above it. This works particularly well for patios that are not directly attached to the exterior of the house.

This can be a basic square roof, or, you can try for a curved or geometrically shaped roof to give your patio a unique personality. The entire patio does not need to be covered either, you can only cover part of the patio and leave the other section bare for those days where you just want to soak up the sun.


4.    The haven patio

A haven-styled patio gives off a very European vibe. The prime characteristics of this type of patio are the walls that essentially make it a closed-off little haven. They feature single (or multiple if you prefer) arches that lead to the rest of your yard. If it doesn’t clash too much with the rest of your house and landscape – we recommend painting the concrete walls white.

This little haven is great for a more private outdoor oasis. Dress it up with some potted plants and banana lounges and it’ll be just like relaxing on the Greek islands. Feel free to add some features to the walls with some circular or diamond-shaped holes. This acts both a design aesthetic but will also let a bit more sun in during the early rising and late setting phases.

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