What Makes A Perfect Exposed Aggregate Driveway?

When we talk about an exposed aggregate driveway, we like to think of high-quality, durable and stylish driveways. Those are the characteristics – but what about the driveway as a whole. What makes a perfect exposed aggregate driveway?

Is it how you match it to the rest of your house or is it the dimensions of it? The truth is, several elements factor into the equation and we’re going to be exploring them in today’s blog. So, strap yourself in as A Better Driveway establishes the elements for you.

How it’s planned

It all starts with a well-planned layout. Where are you going to place it? Will it be straight, or will it curve at all? Is it going into your garage? How wide is your car? You’ll want to make sure there’s at least half a metre (if you can spare it) on each side to allow for extra room. This is also a smart idea because you may get a larger car in the future or visitors may have larger cars.

Once you’ve established the physical position and dimensions of the driveway it’s time to look at the style of it. The defining feature of an exposed aggregate driveway is that there is an infinite amount of styles you can choose from. Because exposed aggregate combines colours and all types of aggregates you can craft a design that is true to your personality.

This also makes it easier to match to your home and the rest of your garden. These are all important elements that go towards achieving the perfect driveway because some people like their front yards to match and blend perfectly.


How it’s laid

A perfect driveway can’t be perfect if it’s going to crack after a few months. Make sure you hire experienced concreter contractors like the ones at A Better Driveway for any driveway jobs you need doing. You’ll want your driveway to be laid efficiently and properly to ensure a long-lasting driveway.

A good exposed aggregate driveway will last for a couple of years before it needs to be resealed – which is a pretty simple process and completely normal. When done correctly, a solid exposed aggregate driveway will be highly durable and also slip-proof. It’s defining feature, the exposed stones and aggregates, give it a great shine and aesthetic that varies depending on what stones and colours you’ve chosen.


How it’s maintained

Maintenance is a big part of keeping your driveway perfect. You don’t want to have any oil spills left on it, for example, as that can lead to things like spalling and abrasion. If you fail to seal your driveway every two years, then water can leak into it and cause cracks to start forming. This is because the concrete contracts and expands due to the excess water – literally pulling the slabs apart.

Every now and then it should be swept and cleared of dirt and other yard fragments with a hard brush. The reason for this is that the extra debris could get caught in the driveway. Because of the raised aggregates, it makes it easier for dirt to nestle in against these parts and slowly degrade the driveway over time. Remember, a clean driveway is a healthy driveway.


How you feel

The most important element that contributes to a perfect driveway – is how you feel about it. A well planned, laid and maintained exposed aggregate driveway is something that should be considered – and are all factors you should ensure are looked at and enforced. But if you don’t like how it feels at the end of the day then it’s not really a perfect driveway.

This is why the planning stage is so important. You need to ensure that everything you want is realised and achievable, so you won’t have any surprises later down the track. Everyone has a different idea of what a perfect driveway should entail to them ­– so as long as you’re happy with it, then it’s perfect.


Do you need an exposed aggregate driveway laid?

A Better Driveway are exposed aggregate driveway specialists. Our portfolio includes several exposed aggregate jobs and our contractors are familiar with the intricacies that come with laying down this unique style of concrete. With literally endless possibilities and combinations of aggregates and concrete to choose from – your own, unique exposed aggregate driveway is just a phone call away.

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