How To Choose The Right Concrete Contractor

So you’re looking to hire a concrete contractor, and you know you need to do your research. That much is obvious – you don’t want to throw away money when you could be saving it, and you don’t want to cut on quality. But how do you choose when there seems to be no regulation or official rating system? Today we’ve put together a checklist of things you can look for to help you choose the right concrete contractor.

Look at their portfolio

If you’re wondering how to choose the right concrete contractor, step one is to stop wondering! You should take the steps to confirm you’re looking for the right contractor.

A good sign to look for is that the contractor has published a portfolio or a gallery of their past work on their website. You can use the visual information to assess the type of projects they conduct.

Ask yourself these questions:

– Do they concrete home driveways or larger-scale projects?
– Does their work look like something you’d like?
– Do these things work for you?

Many concrete contractors can do both small-scale and large-scale work. In this case, it’s worth having a look at the clients they’ve had in the past. If there’s a brand name you recognise and like, then great! If not, you can always physically visit the site to see how the concrete looks. Don’t be turned off by this time-consuming task. It’s far better to ensure you approve the work before signing a contract.


Check customer references

While visiting the sites of past work can physically help your judgment, checking for online reviews is extremely valuable as well. You can look at the contractor’s website for customer testimonials, however, unless stated otherwise, you should note these testimonials may be a marketing ploy.

Some great resources for honest customer reviews include:

– Google reviews
– Facebook reviews
– Yelp

Reviews are helpful when trying to choose the right concrete contractor because they discuss the service as well as the final product. Take notes on how customers speak about the contractor and decide whether that sounds like someone you’d work with.


Price and years of experience count

Concreting is a trade that virtually anyone is qualified for. How is that, you ask? Because in Australia, there are no formal qualifications required for concreting.

This can explain the array of horror stories arising from the issue that totally inexperienced workers can conduct any job. Therefore, when you’re tossing up between a few contractors, it’s definitely worth looking at their years of experience in the industry.

Price can also be a key indicator of quality. You should be comparing a few contractors’ quotes on the same materials for the same job. Massive gaps in price are red flags of low-quality products.


Relationships are key

Take note of how the contractor upholds your mutual relationship. Some signs that might help you choose the right concrete contractor are:

– They follow up promptly
– They are willing to be flexible
– They have open conversations with you about your questions

It sounds simple, but a sign of a professional contractor is the pride they take in conducting themselves. If they are polite, open and honest about the process, that’s a great sign that they won’t manipulate you into accepting a bad-quality job.

Look for insurance, service guarantees and warranty

It’s extremely important to ensure that the contractor is insured in case any accidents occur on your property. Insurance is not just a smart way to filter contractors – it protects you from forking out thousands for something that you shouldn’t have to pay for.

Another great sign is a product guarantee or warranty. If the contractor is confident enough in their service to offer a guarantee, this shows that they are confident that you will be satisfied. It means they’ve considered their customers, not just themselves.


Looking for the right concrete contractor?

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