Populating Your Patio

A patio is a highly sought-after feature for any home in Melbourne. They provide outdoor living spaces for both sunny and rainy days and can be paired perfectly with any exposed aggregate driveway that might run down the side of your home and into your backyard. We’ve spoken about constructing the perfect patio and the different elements that go into it – but, how does one populate a patio to take full advantage of it? Well, don’t fret because in today’s blog we’re going to be exploring some of the great ways you can make the most out of your patio.



Finding the right blend between summer and winter furnishings can be a challenge but there are a few safe options that work great no matter the time of the year. Specialised outdoor couches provide great comfort and can survive the elements (provided they’re appropriately treated). If your patio is covered then this is definitely a bonus as you won’t have to worry about rain and possibly mould growth (which is something we spoke about in our outdoor furniture for winter blog).

A dining table is quintessential for medium-large areas as an addition or replacement of the lounges. Even if this is your only furnishing piece it still provides a place for outdoor meals to take place as well as casual gatherings where friends and family can mingle. If you have a small patio, then a handful of chairs or a compact lounge with a small table are good options. These are particularly favoured for patios that aren’t connected to the home that also require separate coverings like a pergola or umbrella. The size and shape of your patio will ultimately determine what your available options are.


Cooking appliances

You can’t go wrong with a BBQ on your patio. There are various sizes available so you can pick the right type to suit your space and requirements – making them great for even small patios. For larger spaces and for those who are wanting something a little more extravagant – then fitting out a full outdoor kitchen can be a fantastic choice. This includes all major appliances such as stoves, ovens and even refrigerators. Essentially, you’ll be able to prepare a feast entirely outdoors with little reason to go inside – creating a truly immersive and luxurious outdoor cooking experience.


Fireplaces and fire pits

Ideal predominantly for the winter and colder days – fireplaces and fire pits are cosy and practical elements that can add a lot to your home’s outdoor lounge. Outdoor fireplaces are quite elaborate and require a fair bit of maintenance and extra infrastructure which should be kept in mind. There’s a lot of thinking that needs to be done when looking at installing an outdoor fireplace into your patio so be sure to do your research ahead of time.

Fire pits, on the other hand, are a lot easier to maintain and, in most cases, easier to install. Just remember that fire pits are not ideal for wooden patio decks for obvious reasons so they should just be kept for patios made from materials such as exposed aggregate or other types of concrete. Fire pits are great for roasting marshmallows and essentially cooking any other type of food that you would cook on a BBQ. If you are going to use a fire pit on a patio that’s covered, though, be sure there’s efficient ventilation. Check with your local council before looking into either of these options.


Recreational elements

Some patios will be large enough to fill with more than just cooking and leisure elements. Things like table-tennis and foosball tables can give you and guests something to pass the time with and is a great motivator to get the kids outside for some fresh air. Additionally, you can take this a step further and put a television up somewhere and some wireless speakers that will allow you to remotely play music whilst outdoors.

With a television, you’re really starting to turn your patio into an outdoor lounge area that almost mimics your interior one. Be sure to place the TV somewhere where it won’t be damaged by any rain, keeping in mind that strong winds can make rain fall diagonally and even sideways in some cases.


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