4 Exposed Aggregate Driveway Designs and Spring Plants to Match

A durable, gorgeous and professionally poured exposed aggregate driveway can transform your yard’s aesthetic — elevating it to a point of difference from the others in your neighbourhood. But if you are looking to take your kerb appeal even further, then spring is the perfect time to do it! In this article, you will learn about several different spring plants and how to perfectly match them to four different exposed aggregate driveway designs.

1.     Light blue exposed aggregate

Light blue exposed aggregate is a popular design choice; because blue is a cool colour it suits many homes and gardens, and the lighter blues will also reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them as darker concrete will. The best colours to match with bright, light blues are equally as light greens or even some dark/light browns — finding green plants will be a lot easier than brown ones; however, marigolds do have a striking orange hue with a gradient petal.

These would really pop beside a light blue driveway and provide a balance where both the driveway and the plants can be centrepieces — rather than having to sacrifice the accentuation of one. Marigolds should be sowed in early spring and will take around eight weeks to bloom — making them great for late spring (and even early summer). If you do want to emphasise your driveway more-so, for example, then we recommend a green plant with thick foliage instead of flowers such as Colocasia.

2.     Dark blue exposed aggregate

Light blue isn’t the only type of blue that is popular for exposed aggregate; sometimes a darker driveway is a subtler match and a preferred design. If this is the case, then you might want to look at some brighter or even bolder plants to complement. Bird of paradise (Strelitzia) is a perfect option as it features bold green leaves with a dark gradient as well as uniquely shaped bright, orange flowers (with a hint of bright blue) that feature infrequently, adding a subtle, yet picturesque touch.

3.     Neutral grey exposed aggregate

For those with a tried-and-true neutral grey exposed aggregate driveway, adding some stand-out colours may not be what you’re after, which is why our experts suggest some subtle leafy plants like the aforementioned Colocasia or even Heuchera if you’re looking for less green but some colours on the flatter side. Heuchera is perfect for planting between late winter and spring. The benefit of grey is that it works with almost any other colour — so if you do want to add some bright, vivid flowers that stand out but still complement your driveway, then you’ll be able to plant almost any spring-blooming flower.

For some early spring bloomers, we recommend Crocus, which are available in several colours and will only grow to a height of just under 16 cm, making them ideal for short gardens; alternatively, Columbine is another colourful variety that will bloom in an array of colours such as orange, pink, yellow, white or even purple; these grow much taller and can reach heights of almost 46 cm.

4.     White and black exposed aggregate

A staple exposed aggregate design, black and white allows for a vast range of plants to be planted as, similarly to grey, the simple shades will let multiple colours pop. Carnations bloom in different gradient colours, if you can get your hands on red or peach varieties with darker reddish centres that feature white at the tops of their petals you can both subtly complement the exposed aggregate and establish a feature point with the striking colour. Carnations are late-spring bloomers, though, so keep that in mind; if you are looking for early-spring bloomers, then Grecian Windflowers are your answer.

Otherwise known as Anemone Blanda, this spring perennial can produce several different colours; we recommend the blueish violet variety to match your white and black exposed aggregate driveway. The coolness of the shade will balance perfectly with the white concrete and create a gorgeous spring landscape.

Exposed aggregate driveway experts in Melbourne

Matching the aforementioned spring plants to your exposed aggregate driveway will add some gorgeous flair — whether it’s understated or more or on the vivid side of the colour spectrum. If you think your driveway needs a spruce up, A Better Driveway’s premium service is here for you; we specialise in concrete driveways and paths and can create a variety of styles for you including exposed aggregate and coloured concrete.

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