How Coloured Concrete Can Improve Your Kerb Appeal (And Much More)

Some people really care and put a lot of effort into their home’s kerb appeal. They’ll install bold fences or plant luscious gardens – it can be a way for people to express themselves. A coloured concrete driveway – or even just a pathway for that matter – is one of the best things you can do to complement the rest of your home and improve your kerb appeal. Why? The reasoning awaits in today’s blog.


Who doesn’t love a splash of colour?

Depending on the exterior of your home, you have the unique opportunity to perfectly match – or even contrast – your concrete driveway and paths with just the right colour. This can also be done with the plants or fencing you select. These colours will be emphasised when the sunlight shines on them and during the gloomier days, they’ll still work wonders and give you some nice, muted tones – especially if you opt for some cooler varieties.


Stains begone!

When it comes to stock-standard grey concrete, things like tyre treads, oil marks and other types of stains are pretty visible and require extra work to remove. If you opt for a darker colour for your concrete, however, then stains are less likely to be visible – which means you won’t have to stress about trying to remove them straight away (though you should clean it sooner rather than later). As a bonus, due to the methods used, coloured concrete tends to be quite a durable and stain-resistant material. So, not only will any stains be harder to see – but they’re also less likely to damage your concrete which will save you money on maintenance down the track.


It’ll increase value

As coloured concrete is such an attractive and practical option, it will also work to increase your home’s value if you ever look to sell. Any potential buyers will be blown away by the distinctiveness of the coloured concrete as well as its other benefits. Concrete as a whole is quite a lot more durable compared to asphalt, for example, which means it can withstand heavier vehicles being parked on it. It also doesn’t absorb as much heat from the sun which is a handy benefit in summer. It requires minimal maintenance and will last a long time. On top of its gorgeous physical aesthetic, this makes coloured concrete a hard feature to overlook regarding a property’s value.

Coloured concrete enhances your mood

Have you ever noticed how some colours affect your mood in specific ways? Has the colour blue ever made you feel relaxed and calm but on some other occasions made you feel sad? Colours can affect our mood with cool colours such as blue and green generally evoking relaxing feelings from us or even sad ones (hence why the music genre is called the blues). Warm colours, such as red or orange, can evoke feelings ranging from comfort and happiness all the way to anger and hate depending on the hues and other elements.

With this in mind, colouring your driveway a bold orange can help you feel more comfortable if the weather isn’t so great – like on a rainy day for example – as well as enhance your feeling on a sunny day. The ideal placement of it also means that you can start your day and end it comfortably – especially if you’ve had a tough day.


Are you looking for a coloured concrete driveway?

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