Even More Common Renovation Regrets

In our last blog we took you through some of the most common renovation regrets including not allocating enough time to do a thorough job and placing design aesthetics above practical use. Because there are so many different factors to consider when renovating your home, we thought we’d revisit the topic with a few more common renovation mistakes.

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Minimalism can seem sterile

Interior design minimalism has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and while it can look very stylish, it is not always practical. Remember you have to live in your home, so you’ll want to make it as inviting as possible. This may mean choosing warmer tones and ditching the effortlessly cool but slightly sterile furniture for comfy classics. Filling your house with soft, comfy furnishings will not only make it feel more homey, it will also act as a form of insulation.

Get the right contractors

Selecting the right contractors for each part of the renovation process is extremely important, as is ensuring they’re all on the same page. Make sure each contractor you hire has a clear understanding of your vision and emphasise the importance of constant and open communication throughout the entire renovation process. If your plans need to be changed due to logistical reasons, go over all the new drawings first before giving approval. You’ll also need to make sure that all of your contractors are fully insured should anything go wrong, as it is not uncommon for home owners to end up in court disputes with contractors. Ask to see each contractor’s work history and client testimonials before deciding whether they are right for you.

Beware of Bargains

Whether you’re shopping for building materials, furniture, kitchen or plumbing fittings, or manual labour, bargains aren’t always best when it comes to renovations. If a product or service is being offered to you at an unusually cheap price, it’s important to find out why that is. This is especially true when it comes to choosing contractors, as the reduced pricing could signify poor workmanship, or that they are so desperate for jobs that they are mismanaging their finances. Contractors go out of business every year, so low prices could be an indicator that they are only just staying afloat. Of course, not all bargains should be avoided, just investigated so that you know you’re not getting a dodgy deal.

Poor Planning

When renovating, you need to factor in unusable facilities like your kitchen and bathroom. Have an arrangement with family or friends to use their facilities during the renovation process and try to undertake renovations when you have some time off for minimal disruption.

Although it seems like a lot can go wrong, renovating can be a very exciting process and with proper planning, all your hard work will pay off. If you’re renovating the exterior of your home, for example installing a patio area or updating your concrete driveway, contact A Better Driveway on 03 5783 4746 to enquire about our concreting services.