4 of the Biggest Renovation Regrets

Renovating is an exciting prospect for any household, however careful planning and consideration needs to be a large part of the renovation process. It’s easy to undertake a renovation with the latest design trends in mind, however when taking this approach, you may find that your choices weren’t especially practical, or that they date quickly. If you want your renovations to stand the test of time, make sure you avoid these common renovation regrets.


Design over function

When renovating, of course you’re going to place design aesthetics high on the list of your priorities, however no matter how visually striking a certain feature is, it’s important to always ensure first that it is practical. For example, if you love the idea of a polished concrete floor for your bathroom or kitchen then go for it, but also consider extra insulation or underfloor heating to combat the chill concrete flooring gives off in winter.

Piece by piece might not always be best

Many home owners decide to tackle renovations as piece by piece projects – that is, they will renovate the lounge room one year and the bedrooms the next – however, it may be a better option to try get it done all at once. You don’t have to rush your renovations, but doing an entire home renovation over the course of a few months tends to be more budget friendly than going room by room, and you’ll have something complete to show for it at the end, making it all the more satisfying.

However, allocate as much time as you can

Trying to complete all your renovations at once, however, is not the same as doing a rushed job. Even if your renovations take a few months, you’ll be much happier knowing time and thought went into each component, and it’s likely your renovations will be more cohesive.

Consider your furry friends

If you have pets at home, it’s important to consider them during the design process. If you want white tiles but have a dog or cat with black fur, you’re going to have to be willing to do a lot more vacuuming. Similarly, if you have (or plan to get) a young puppy, you may want to avoid materials susceptible to staining (such as carpet) until they’re properly toilet trained.

These renovation regrets are more common than they should be, which is why it’s so important to thoroughly plan your renovations and take into account any issues that may arise. Stay tuned for our next blog where we take you through 5 more common renovation regrets. A Better Driveway install concrete driveways all over Melbourne and can help transform your home during the renovation process. If you want to update your home’s exterior with an exposed aggregate or coloured concrete driveway, call us today on 03 5783 4746.