5 Ways to Border your Exposed Aggregate Driveway

An exposed aggregate driveway is the best possible solution for your home. It’s durable, customisable and practical. Whilst we’ve spoken about the benefits before in great lengths and some different design combinations you can choose – we thought we would explore its versatility when it comes to other elements of the yard, specifically bordering it.

Adding a border to your driveway and even your paths can add a layer of sophistication and order to your yard’s overall aesthetic. There are several types of borders you can choose from – so let’s break down five popular ones that will make your exposed aggregate driveway shine.


1.     Picket fence

A classic and conservative looking picket fence is a perfect introduction to driveway borders. Available in a multitude of colours and patterns (and even more if you’re willing to do a bit of DIY) there’s an option that will suit every type of exposed aggregate concrete combination. A good rule of thumb is to pick contrasting colours. For example, a lighter exposed aggregate driveway would work better with a darker coloured picket fence and vice versa. If you have a picket fence bordering your yard, then a miniature version flanking your driveway would match quite well.


2.     Grass edging

You don’t have to add pieces to your exposed aggregate driveway to achieve a border. If you’re after a minimalist and understated look, then why not consider edging the grass beside your driveway? Edging is fairly easy depending on what sort of tools you use. If you don’t already own one and don’t mind purchasing a new tool – then an edger is made specifically for this sort of task and will immensely simplify the job. Otherwise, a simple spade or shovel will get the job done, albeit with a little more effort. Maintenance is not very difficult and is typically only required once a year to be done with the same tools.


3.     Garden beds

For a more regal aesthetic, planting a garden bed on either side of your exposed aggregate driveway is a fantastic solution. Not only will you have some gorgeous flowers and/or shrubs bordering your driveway, but you will also give yourself something routine to do in the yard as the plants will need regular maintenance. Of course, if you don’t have the time to water them consistently, then you can set up an irrigation system that will consistently water them. There is a myriad of plants you can choose from so, just like your exposed aggregate driveway, you can customise and combine styles to make it uniquely yours.


4.     Bricks

Bricks are surprisingly versatile as they can give you both a neat bordering look as well as a relaxed, rustic one depending on the condition of the bricks. Undamaged, painted bricks can be made to look immaculate. If you are looking for something more relaxed, however, then spare, unpainted ones that may have some chips and other physical damage here and there will work great. Similarly to the garden edging technique, you’ll have to do some mild digging to ensure the bricks have a stable base.


5.     Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights are a modern bordering solution and possibly one of the most practical – particularly when it comes to the evenings. Outdoor lights are available in all shapes and sizes from simple, solar-powered lights that stick into the ground – to more complex smart-lighting solutions that allow for automations and can be controlled remotely.

The latter option opens up a whole world of possibility with different coloured lights that can change on-demand and automatically activate just before you arrive home – giving you the ultimate touch of luxury and convenience. Another fantastic benefit of outdoor lighting is that they can be combined with any of the above border types. They’ll work especially well when placed in garden beds as they’ll accentuate the plants at night and showcase them (quite literally) in a new light.


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