How To Pick The Right Fence For Your Front Yard (Breaking Down Six Key Elements)

Your front yard fence is an important part of your home’s aesthetic – but there are just so many types to choose from. Well, choosing doesn’t have to be so daunting when you break down the elements of a great fence to help you decide exactly what you’re after and what would best suit your home. From ensuring your home’s security to matching it to your exposed aggregate driveway – today we’re going to be looking at six key elements that’ll help you pick the right fence for your front yard.


1.     Security and privacy (tall fences)

Your home’s security should always be a top priority and there are several ways you can approach it. One such way is through a fence – generally, a large, solid fence. These fences are typically made from stone or concrete (but can also be made from other materials) and can be quite tall – usually surpassing the height of an average person. This also doubles as a privacy feature as it inhibits people from looking into your property.

This is especially desirable if you have a large front yard or large open windows at the front of your house. In terms of accessibility, a gate around the same size as the fence would offer access to your exposed aggregate driveway. A normal door can also be considered for when you leave the house on foot.


2.     Displaying your garden (short fences)

If you’re the type that’s quite proud of their garden and want to show it off – or perhaps prefer an open view from the front of your house, then a hip-high fence is probably best for you. A dainty wooden picket fence is a popular option as it carries that vintage cottage charm with it – or you can opt for a brick one for something a lot sturdier. This also encourages a more social setting as you’ll be able to see and speak to your neighbours when you’re out in the yard working on the garden.


3.     Keeping it uniform

Whether you’re opting for a tall or short fence, matching it to your home’s exterior or your driveway is a great option that keeps a theme running. For example, if you have a double-brick home then a matching fence would be a great addition. Alternatively, a fence with a sandblasted finish to match your exposed aggregate driveway is another popular option as it could also look like the driveway and fence are part of one structure – depending on how similar the finishing on them is.


4.     Keeping pets in mind

If you have pets that often lounge in the front yard, then you’re going to want to ensure your fence is sturdy and secure. However, pets – and dogs in particular – enjoy looking out into the world. With this in mind – if you are going to have a solid fence then try to have a break somewhere in it or install a picket-like fence that your pet can look through. Just make sure the gaps are small enough to stop your pet from squeezing through.


5.      Building for the climate

Building a fence that can withstand your areas typical climate is key to only having to build the fence once. If you frequently receive heavy rainfall, then you’ll want to avoid options that are likely to degrade quicker because of this. PVC fencing is a popular and highly durable option that can withstand several climate conditions with minimal maintenance.

Cheaper wood options such as spruce, however, will warp and deteriorate – only lasting around seven years. If you do opt for a wooden option, then ensure it’s treated for a longer lifespan. Chat to an experienced concrete specialist to get an idea of what the best weather-resistant materials for your area are.


6.     Following guidelines

Possibly the most crucial point of all is to find out whether or not the type of fencing you want is feasible. Are there any utilities below ground that will interfere with its construction? Will the council allow you to build what you want? Be sure to check local building codes and with your council to ensure all your plans adhere to the right laws and can be approved.


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