4 Signs It Is Time to Call Your Melbourne Driveway Experts

Even with a well-designed and tidy home, a scruffy, damaged, and poorly maintained driveway can instantly impact the overall impression of your property. Daily wear and tear, accidental oil leaks, and exposures to the turbulent weather conditions in Melbourne are amongst the many reasons your driveway can degrade over time. How can you tell when sufficient degradation warrants a call to your Melbourne driveway experts? Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that help indicate the need for a driveway repair or replacement. 

1.     Your driveway is cracking

Much footpaths or any other concrete ground structure, it is not unusual to find cracks in your driveway. In Melbourne, the most common reason for cracks to appear is temperature changes. The scorching heat during the day can result in expansions and chilly nights, contractions. With sufficient expansions and contractions, small cracks will form and can enlarge over time. Tree roots growing underneath driveways can also result in movements to a driveway’s foundation, making it less stable and hence, more susceptible to cracking. This is especially enhanced if you have heavy vehicles driving up and down your driveway. 

If acted on quickly enough, small cracks can be easily repaired. However, it is important to note that small fixes can appear darker than the surrounding pavement. With numerous cracks to fix, this can become obvious and an eye sore. If you begin to accumulate multiple cracks, the better fix here might be to replace your entire driveway. In addition to replacements, driveway experts also recommend sealing your driveway every few years. By applying driveway sealants, severe cracks, as well as erosions from harsh weather conditions, can be prevented. 

2.     There are visible potholes

Driveway owners tend to neglect small cracks that appear if they are either not large enough to require attention or too pricey for a minor fix. In the long run, however, these small cracks if left unattended can form a pothole. Through expansions and contractions plus erosion from external elements such as water and debris, a small crack can crumble bit by bit to form a large hole. Having potholes is one of the most apparent signs that your driveway needs a complete replacement. Why a complete replacement and not just a quick fix over each hole? Unless the underlying problem of the pothole is dealt with, the chances of potholes reappearing are very high. This is because the stability of your “quick fix” of a pothole will still be dependent on the eroded structure underneath your driveway that resulted in those cracks and potholes in the first place. Thus, it is usually recommended to replace the entire driveway instead of spending money on repairs again and again. The cost of doing the latter can add up over time and cost more than a full replacement. 

3.     You have puddles and mini floods

Imagine stepping out of your car after parking on your driveway, and your nice, dry, and clean pair of shoes lands in a puddle of murky water. If this is happening to you, it is likely time for a new driveway. Well-designed and properly installed driveways should not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also increased safety. If your driveway is pooling and puddling, this can be a safety hazard as it increases the likelihood of slips and trips by making your driveway slippery. If you start seeing rainwater pooling in multiple areas or streaming down the middle of your driveway, you’re likely to have driveway drainage issues that should be addressed as soon as possible. Calling a driveway expert near you to assess the severity of your driveway drainage hazards can help you identify the best way you can repair or replace your driveway. 

4.     Your driveway looks old and tattered 

With sufficient use, most items will look old, faded, and ready for replacement. Driveways are no different. With Melbourne’s infamous four seasons in one day, it is no surprise if your driveway is beginning to look overused and worn out. UV rays from sun exposure, harsh thunderstorms, damaging chemicals from oil leaks and overall driveway usage, can degrade your driveway over time and result in a patchy, unappealing, and weak appearance. Temporary solutions such as sealants and minor repairs can help, but the overall durability and structural integrity cannot be improved. If your driveway looks way past its prime, a whole driveway replacement would be the best solution. 

If your driveway is showing any of these important signs, it is probably a good time for a driveway replacement. At A Better Driveway, we’re confident that we can help with all your driveway needs. Our professional team of driveway experts specialise in various driveway types such as exposed aggregate, textured concrete, and coloured concrete. We also offer a 5-year structural guarantee for your driveway so you can rest assured that you are getting a top-quality installation and replacement. 

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