When Aesthetics Meet Safety (How Your Driveway Can Have Both)

More than any other area in your house, your driveway is likely the most used entry point to your home and the first thing an individual notices when approaching your property. While driveways in Melbourne are a common sight, balancing both aesthetics and safety is surprisingly something that property owners rarely think about!

Melbourne property owners usually pick their driveways based on design and price only. While it’s important to have an elegant driveway to set the standards of your home without burning through your wallet, another crucial factor you should consider is the safety of your driveway for yourself and those around you.

Slip resistance

Depending on the slope of your driveway, whether you have children who love to run and play or elderly parents who drop by often, an important factor to consider for your driveway is its slip resistance. 

Unlike gravel and asphalt which are known for slips and trips, a common pick for driveways in Melbourne is concrete with an exposed aggregate finish. Often called the ‘king of driveway materials’, exposed aggregate is a popular surfacing solution as it creates a good balance between aesthetics, traction and durability. The ability to add texture by exposing the internal structures of the concrete (while maintaining a glossy natural finish) allows Melbourne property owners to create an elegant driveway with enhanced slip resistance.

Structural strength and integrity

Even if you don’t own a large vehicle, such as an R.V or a boat, when you move, buy a new piece of furniture, or plan a big renovation in your backyard, a big truck will need to access your home sooner or later. One thing you do not want to worry about is whether your driveway can cope with the weight or if it would crack and break under the pressure — resulting in sharp edges and unsightly holes. 

The reason why many driveways in Melbourne are made of concrete — whether coloured concrete or an exposed aggregate — is because concrete has a reputation of being a rigid, non-flexible material with higher load-bearing capacity than materials such as blocks, gravel, or asphalt. With four substances — cement, sand, coarse aggregates, and water mixed together — the structural strength and integrity of concrete are unmatched and can last for years.

Temperature control 

When it comes to building a new driveway, Melburnians are often overwhelmed with the various materials available to pick from. With summers being able to reach a scorching 45° C, considering how your driveway can affect your home temperature becomes a very important factor. 

Rather than absorbing heat and burning your feet, concrete is known to naturally absorb less UV radiation than other types of driveway materials, proving a marked advantage for heat reflectance (a godsend in the blazing Aussie sun!). Its resistance towards temperature damages (be it hot or cold) also makes it one of the best materials for a driveway in Melbourne.

Cleaning and maintenance

While it may not seem intuitive to link cleaning or driveway maintenance to the safety of a driveway, these factors are more interconnected than you might think. If you have a toddler who loves putting everything into their mouth or a pet who constantly licks surfaces, the ability to dust, sweep and power wash away any dirt, oil leak or chemical spill quickly and easily becomes crucial.

Regular cleaning and washing also prevent unwanted moss or mildew from growing on the surface which is important in preventing severe health problems and an unwanted stench on modern top of the fact that it damages your curb appeal. Compared to other driveway materials such as asphalt, gravel or timber, concrete driveways are usually the easiest to clean and maintain. Taking simple steps to clean your driveway also keeps weeds (which can affect your other plants and may even be poisonous to children or pets) at bay.

The Melbourne driveway specialists

Having a driveway that ticks all your boxes from appeal to price to safety can sometimes be a daunting task. If you are still unsure about which colour scheme and finish would best suit your home while balancing out all your other considerations and needs, do not worry! A Better Driveway is home to your dedicated driveway specialists with a friendly team that will work with you to find your perfect surfacing solution.

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