What is Hygge and How do I Get it?

In 2016, the Danish word hygge was shortlisted by the Oxford Dictionary as work of year and now that winter has well and truly arrived in Melbourne, this hard to pronounce word (hoogah is the correct pronunciation) is being dropped by every interior designer and lifestyle blogger in the city. This week, we thought we’d investigate the art of hygge, and how you can use it to brighten up dreary winter days.

how to embrace the hygge philosophy

What is it?

Hygge is a philosophical approach to life which has been part of Danish culture for centuries. Roughly translated, hygge means ‘cosy’ but it can be used as a noun, verb or adjective so it’s probably more appropriate to describe hygge as a way living which celebrates positivity and the enjoyment of everyday life. More broadly, hygge is often used to refer to behaviours, rituals or actions which make domestic or daily experiences pleasurable, creating a warm atmosphere, and relishing the relationships you share with others.

How do I get it?

Hygge isn’t really something you can learn, a lifestyle you adopt, or a product you can buy. It’s more of a mental practice which involves being present and enjoying the moment and seeking out simple pleasures to brighten your everyday life. This approach

What are some hygge things to do?

Practicing hygge is a little different for everybody but some of the most common suggestions include:

  • Creating a morning ritual where you brew a special mix of tealeaves, and sitting down to drink it in a china cup
  • Lighting a candle each night at dinner
  • Smiling at a stranger on your commute to work
  • Buying flowers
  • Cooking and eating a food you relished in childhood
  • Sipping wine by the fire with friends
  • Pulling on a pair of hand knitted socks and curling up with a new book

Can you create a hygge home?

Whilst hygge isn’t something you can buy, it is possible to design your home with hygge in mind. A few ways to do this might include:

  • Installing a firepit in your patio for friendly gatherings
  • Create a hyggekrog (a cosy nook) inside where you can snuggle up with a book and a blanket, preferably somewhere with a view of nature
  • Favouring natural, textured furnishings such as wood, wool and leather which bring a warmth to your living spaces
  • Find a creative way to incorporate treasured memories such as photographs, travel mementos, and children’s art into your interior


A Better Driveway can help you apply the hygge ethos to landscaping with our decorative concrete solutions. What could be more hygge than a shared patio space lined with natural looking exposed aggregate concrete where you and your friends can chat around the fire pit on a cold winter’s night?