Update your Patio Area by Merging Indoors and Outdoors

If you’re redecorating your outdoor area in 2017, be sure to stay ahead of the latest trend: blurring the line between indoor and outdoor aesthetics. In this blog, we tell you some great ways to bring the indoors outdoors, transforming your concrete patio into an extension of your home.

concrete patio

Create shelter

By upgrading your concrete patio with some form of covering or roofing, you will not only provide your family and guests with some much needed shade, but you will also be able to give your outdoor area an indoors feel. Patio covering such as awnings, pergolas, shade cloths and canopies are a great way to make your outdoor area feel like an extra room, and will also improve its usability.

Choose traditionally indoor furnishings

Outdoor furnishings can be much more varied than the traditional steel, cane and glass varieties. To give your concrete patio a proper living room feel, opt for big comfy couches, relaxing daybeds, and rustic wooden tables. Since this style has grown in popularity in recent years it’s easy to find furnishings made from durable, weather resistant materials, which still give the look and feel of a lounge room.

Bring indoor entertainment outside

A great way to make your concrete patio more versatile is to fit it with a traditionally indoor entertainment feature such as a home theatre, a dining area, a bar, or even an outdoor kitchen. To really make these features pop, be sure surround them with complementary decorations like artwork and decorative lighting. By incorporating one of these features into your outdoor area you will have more opportunities to entertain family and guests while breathing in the fresh air.

By bringing indoor features into your outdoor entertainment area you will be adding value to your home and increasing its versatility. A Better Driveway offer a range of concrete services including patios, pathways, alfresco areas and driveways throughout Melbourne. For a free quote, contact us on 03 5783 4746.