There are a number of benefits for homeowners and for businesses to having their driveways cleaned using a high pressure hose. If you have paid out to have a brand new driveway installed, or even if your driveway is one that you inherited when you bought your property, then you might want to consider the following benefits:

Increases value to property
Saves time and effort
Preventative maintenance
Minimises safety risks


Real estate agents, designers and property developers often talk about “curb appeal” when it comes to selling property, and there is no doubt that a stained and dirty driveway will do nothing to appeal to a potential buyer. Patches of oil from parked vehicles or tracking marks from tyres, along with debris from overhead trees and bushes, give the impression that your property is not well maintained. First impressions do count, so pressure washing the drive to restore it to its former pristine condition will give you the edge when it comes time to sell your home.


As our lives get busier, we want to focus on the important aspects of family and social life rather than spend hours on cleaning and maintaining our property. The beauty of using pressure washers is that they are ideal for cleaning large areas very quickly. Not only that, but you can also use them to clean patios, decking, garages and concrete floors all in a minimum amount of time, particularly when compared to using other non-mechanical cleaning methods such as scrubbing, mopping and sweeping.


Carrying out a regularly scheduled programme of pressure washing your driveway is a really good way of saving money on what could become expensive property exterior repairs. Washing away the grime and dirty marks can actually extend the life of your driveway. Keeping your driveway clean will prevent and hinder mould and damp, which could contribute to rot and decay, and therefore contribute to the premature ageing of the driveway.

Pressure washing the surface of the drive will also remove the dirt and stains that could cover up cracks or damage to concrete or pavers. You are then able to inspect the condition of the drive, and keep an eye out for any damage that needs to be repaired before it gets any worse. It could also highlight other potential problems, as cracks could appear if there is problem with the underpinning or substrate in the driveway, which, if not clean and clearly visible, could get a lot worse before you notice it.


There are two aspects to reducing the safety risks to you and your family – risks linked to slips, trips and falls, and risks relating to harmful contaminants. If your driveway is covered with leaves, algae, mud or oil, then it is a hazard to pedestrians. Keeping it clean makes it a safe surface to walk upon, thereby reducing the risk of people falling over. Secondly, pressure washing the drive prevents harmful bacteria from growing, e.g. mildew and mould that could have an adverse effect on your family’s health, particularly if you have very young children.

A clean driveway is essential from a safety perspective, and it also brings along with it a number of other benefits as well. The most efficient way of achieving that is with regular pressure washing, so do invest in a high pressure hose or cleaning unit, as it will save you time, and possibly money, in the long run.