The 5 Best Design Trends of House Rules Season 4 So Far

Recently, A Better Driveway had the pleasure of installing a gorgeous exposed aggregate driveway in Victorian couple Fil and Joe’s home for the first round of renovations on season four of House Rules. Although only one house has been completed in this series, there are already plenty of bold design trends on display. To celebrate the impressive talent being showcased on the show, we thought we’d run through 5 of the best design trends being showcased on this season of House Rules.

Hollywood deco

Luke and Cody perfectly fulfilled Fil’s brief for a ‘Hollywood deco’ style bathroom with a luxe wet room complete with chandelier. The key to the Hollywood deco style is luxe simplicity with a restrained colour palette, highly polished surfaces, and just a few statement pieces.

Chic neutrals

Neutrals have always been an interior design staple, but in 2016, it’s all about stormy seaside tones of soft grey, sand, and petrol blue. This subdued palette was a consistent motif throughout the house and created a relaxed and welcoming vibe without compromising on aesthetics.

Indoor plants

In house greenery has been a major interior trend for a while now, as it perfectly pairs with the muted colours and natural finishes currently in vogue. For Fil and Joe’s house, the teams opted for elegant flowering options like orchids, compact succulents, and slender palms.

Cane furniture

The scenic outdoor entertainment areas in Fil and Joe’s home presented the perfect opportunity to experiment with elegant cane furniture. The result is refreshingly simple, with subdued cane that ties in with the neutral tones used in the rest of the house, whilst infusing the outdoor area with a distinct coastal ‘holiday house’ vibe. Ornate painted cane coat hooks were also used to great effect in Rose and Rob’s entryway as well as on the barstools in Brooke and Michelle’s open plan kitchen area.

Black finishing

Traditional gold and silver fitting and finishing was eschewed in favour of bold black details which infuse Fil and Joe’s 1950’s weatherboard with a distinctively modern feel. Monochrome was one of the key motifs that Fil and Joe specified in their house rules and it’s easy to see why they opted for this classic aesthetic; it’s perennially stylish, easy to clean, and immediately striking.

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