Quick Hacks to Make your Garden Look Lush


If you’re a homeowner with an outdoor area, you no doubt have a vision in the back of your mind of what you’d like your yard to ultimately look like, whether that be a tropical paradise, or a classic English garden filled with rambling wildflowers. However, dream gardens take time and whilst your roses are growing and you wait for your significant other to finally get started on that fire pit project they’ve been talking about for the last six months, your yard probably looks a little uninspiring. This week, we run through some quick hacks to make your outdoor area look lush while your dream garden is still a work in progress.


  1. Outdoor housekeeping

You dream garden might still be a few years away, but that doesn’t mean you drop the ball when it comes to yard maintenance. First, get rid of all your unsightly backyard clutter by investing in a small flat pack shed where you can store bags of potting mix, tools, kids’ toys, and pots. Next, get to work removing any refuse such as branches, dead leaves, and bits of rubbish from your yard. Third, get out the lawn mower/whipper snipper/pruning shears and bring your plant life into line. We guarantee your yard will look 100% better.


  1. Add some quick colour

Whilst your carefully planned garden beds might still be getting their act together, get creative about introducing some colour into your yard. Hanging baskets are a great, instantaneous way to add a pop of colour into your outdoor area and they’re incredibly easy to change or move around as your garden grows and changes. Great hanging basket candidates for the autumn months include pansies, violas, polyanthus, cyclamen and primroses. Paint is of course another quick and obvious way to add colour. Spray painting garden furniture different colours and painting a feature ‘wall’ or mural on one fence line are two easy ways to get creative with paint. Textiles are also a great way to add colour and the current trend of bringing the indoors outdoors offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with throw pillows, rugs, hanging and even carpets to create an ‘outdoor living room’.


  1. Install some instant greenery

Move over florals, greenery has become a huge trend both indoors and outdoors over the past few years. Investing in some established foliage to put in pots or buying a quick growing creeper to carpet your fence is a great way to make your outdoor space feel more alive.


  1. Add a small touch of luxury

Once you’ve got all these elements in place, it’s time to make a statement with a small luxury or two. A small but well stocked goldfish pond, a hammock, or even a bunch of cut flowers on the table when you entertain outdoors are all subtle ways you can give your outdoor space a touch of extravagance.


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