Matching your Garden to your Interior Style

As experts of concrete driveways in Melbourne, we know all about creating long-lasting outdoor areas with impressive kerb appeal. A timeless look is blending your indoor and outdoor aesthetics for a harmonious style that appears effortless and contemporary. Contrary to what you may think, creating a cohesive style doesn’t require a costly renovation! We’ve compiled some easy tips to improve your stylish outdoor spaces, no matter the size, by creating a sense of continuity with your interiors.

Assess your indoor space

To create a seamless flow between your living room and outdoor space, it is important to first assess your interior style. Make note of the colour palette and the materials used throughout your home. Consider if your kitchen tiles and cabinetry have a light or dark theme and pay attention to the textures and fittings of your home. Are the windows fitted with steel or luxe black finishes? Making a list of the details of your kitchen and living room will make it easier to replicate these colours and themes in your outdoor alfresco with matching timber edging or cool steel garden accessories.

It’s also important to determine your home’s overall interior style. Would you describe your interiors as Scandinavian-inspired, industrial, coastal or minimalist? A coastal look could be replicated outdoors with coastal landscaping and a relaxing hammock, while a minimalist look could be achieved with a simple low maintenance garden and a concrete entertaining space. Determining your home’s theme will help to create a smooth transition from interior to outdoor living.

Furnish with similar materials

If you’re including space for outdoor seating on your patio, balcony or in your garden, be mindful to include furniture that matches your living room. Of course, outdoor furniture requires maintenance to withstand the wear and tear caused by the elements, but that doesn’t mean it can’t feature the same material as your interior. This could include rustic, timber tables in a similar tone to your timber floors, cushions that are the same colour as your walls, or traditional steel seats that flawlessly match the tones of your tapware. Does your home feature industrial décor? Consider including a firepit (just be sure to check your local council guidelines prior) or recycled steel garden decorations. Choosing outdoor furniture that matches elements of your kitchen or living room is a simple method to add flow between your interior and exterior space.

Landscaping to match your living

A minimalist inside look calls for a contemporary garden to match! If you’re searching for a low maintenance garden or a simple way to add some fresh greenery for a smaller space, consider installing a modern vertical garden or hanging garden. Carefully choose outdoor plants that match your indoor aesthetic. For example, large birds of paradise could draw attention to your leafy indoor plants or native plants in woven baskets could match your relaxed, coastal vibe. If in doubt, use pottery that draws attention to interior aspects with cohesive colour, texture or material choices. You could also bring your garden plants close to the house or raise them to window height to allow your garden’s greenery to blend the two spaces and function as both an indoor and outdoor feature.

Include indoor comforts

Structure your garden, patio or balcony to have year-round appeal by incorporating outdoor lighting, shelter and heat. Outdoor lighting will allow the space to be functional during the shorter winter days and can easily tie into the home’s interior style for subtle elegance. Use outdoor lighting with the same finish as your kitchen lights and run them along the garden paths or illuminate your outdoor seating. Are you creating a bohemian outdoor oasis? You could choose to decorate with tiki torches. If your outdoor area is sheltered, there is also the opportunity for matching pendant lighting to be installed. A sheltered outdoor area will also provide resistance to the weather and protect your outdoor furniture for comfortable alfresco dining.

Adding heat also allows the comforts of your interior to be felt in the fresh air of your garden and will avoid the risk of cold guests retreating indoors. Gas heaters create perfect convening points in cooler months, with a steel look that could be cohesive with many of your interior furnishings. For a more rustic or industrial feel, consider a fire pit. Adding more indoor entertainment elements like speakers, a television, pizza oven or built-in barbeque can also add to your outdoor comfort. There are plenty of ways to blend indoor comfort with your outdoor space for the ultimate backyard party no matter the weather.

Exterior facade

Matching the exterior of your home to your interior look is simple to achieve. Some small tweaks can make all the difference! Whether it’s a coloured concrete driveway with a dark palette (a popular scheme for coloured concrete driveways in Melbourne), stone garden paths that match your kitchen’s island bench colour, or painting your window trim the same colour as your indoor finishes. If your home is very modern and minimalist inside, be sure to bring that same lineal look to your outdoor space by establishing zones with tiling, decking or concrete.

Painting your garden walls or staining your fences in shades used inside also makes it easy to connect spaces – but make sure to use exterior paint! Another easy fix is to replace your exterior doors with doors that provide a pop of colour that continues inside, creating a seamless entrance. Bi-fold or sliding doors also provide a better link between spaces by including more in your sightline.

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