Investigating 8 Key Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Here at A Better Driveway, we think there are few things better than a freshly laid aggregate driveway. Aggregate concrete is one of the best outdoor surfacing materials you can invest in and in this blog, we examine just a few of the reasons these textured finishes are so great.


One of the most obvious advantages that aggregate surfaces have over traditional brushed concrete is the additional traction that the textured surface provides. Aggregate concrete is often described as being ‘slip resistant’ and is ideal for use on sloped driveways as well as in high rainfall areas.


Exposed aggregate is incredibly tough and long-lasting. A number of factors influence this, most notably, the lower concrete to water ratio which the cement holding the aggregate in place is made from. Because brushed concrete requires a high water to concrete ratio to achieve a smooth finish, it has a weaker surface which is more susceptible to damage.

Environmentally Friendly

Exposed aggregate can be made using a range of recycled materials including industrial by products like slag. Aggregate concrete can also easily be repurposed as fill for asphalt roadways or in other concreting projects.

Ease of Installation

Exposed aggregate is quick and easy to install and requires far fewer tools and materials than other decorative types of concrete.

Cost Effective

Due to it’s shorter installation time, aggregate is a very cost effective surfacing option and is ideal for covering large surface areas on a budget.


Practical as brushed concrete might be, it isn’t all that aesthetically appealing. Not so with aggregate concrete available in thousands of different colours, aggregate creates a bold natural look which can really lift the appearance of your yard.


There are innumerable varieties of aggregate you can use and virtually any combination of stones and pebbles can be combined together to create a bold design statement in your backyard. Different coloured aggregate can be used to create contrasting patterns, and can even be used to emulate other materials.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, aggregate requires virtually no maintenance other than periodic resealing and occasional sweeping.

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