How to Pet Proof Your Garden

Owning a pet and having a designer garden don’t have to be mutually exclusive things. Although the traditional garden landscape with a lawn and flower beds does tend to show wear and tear from pets, it is possible to design a chic modern garden that is adapted to accommodate your pet’s outdoor playtime and withstand their destructive habits.


Invest in ground cover

Digging is one of the largest problems that pet owners face when letting their pet out into the yard, as even small animals can cause a whole lot of damage. The easiest way to get around digging problems is by covering the soil and there are several ways to do this. Cultivating creeping ground covers or putting down thick layers of mulch are two ways to reduce digging opportunities, whilst planting perennials that don’t need a lot of space in clumps can discourage pets from using garden beds as their own personal footpath.


Plan your plants

There are a surprising number of common garden plants that are poisonous to pets and ingesting even the smallest amount can result in a trip to the vet. Creating a safe outdoor environment for your pet to play in is simple with a little pre-planning and research into which plants are poisonous to pets.


Make sure there are some shady areas

If you intend to leave your pet outside for any period of time, it’s imperative that they have some form of shelter, regardless of the season. Make sure there is always fresh cool water available to prevent dehydration, and provide protection from the elements with a covered patio area, or purpose built animal shelter.

Opt for paving over grass

Although the idea of your pet frolicking through the grass might seem like an appealing image, the reality is that your lawn is one of the most vulnerable areas of your garden when it comes to pet related wear and tear. Running, playing, digging and urine often combine together to create a scrappy looking lawn that struggles all year round. Hardscaping is a practical solution to this, and will keep your garden looking flawless no matter how energetic your pet’s outdoor playtime happens to be.


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