How to Design an Outdoor Living Room

All of the best garden landscapes are integrated with the property that they surround. The idea of a liminal space between the indoors and the garden is hardly a new concept, but in 2016 it’s been taken to the next level in the form of the outdoor living room. A perfect place for summer entertaining and a quiet place to relax and unwind, these spaces can add real value to your property and help you get the most out of your garden area. This week, we run through four key design elements to incorporate in your outdoor living room.


Create a connection with the interior living areas

An outdoor living room is intended to be an extension of your traditional indoor living areas, so it’s important you make a connection between it and the interior. Setting the area on the same ground level as your interior and investing in floor to ceiling windows or French doors are physical examples of how you can make this connection. A sense of continuity can also be evoked through design elements such as uniform flooring which extends from the indoors without, a consistent colour palette, or the repetition of design themes and patterns are all examples of this.


Invest in interesting flooring

An outdoor living room needs a flooring solution that both makes an aesthetic statement, whilst being able to resist the elements. Decking, patterned tiles, or a decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate are all good options.


Use indoor plants

Using potted indoor plant varieties in your outdoor living room is a great way to play up the idea of bringing the indoors without, and they’re a great way to bring definition to your space. From a practical perspective, indoor plants are also a good idea for outdoor shaded areas as they are able to survive in lower light.


Layer with fabrics

The couch and coffee table are the heart of an interior living room, and the same rule applies outside. Designers are using wooden framed lounge sets and then creating a sense of homeliness by layering these up with mismatched pillows, throws, and even rugs on the ground.



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