Great Ideas for Updating your Small Backyard

If you have a relatively small backyard, you may feel resigned in the fact that you don’t have much to work with when it comes to DIY or backyard makeovers, however you probably have a lot more options available to you than you realise. There are many ways you can update your small backyard to feel homely and inviting, and the great thing about having a smaller space to work with is that your renovation will not only take less time, it will also likely be cheaper and easier to maintain. For some great small backyard makeover ideas, read on.


Work with existing slopes to create levels

If your backyard is not only small, but also sloping, you may feel like your makeover options are limited. Instead of trying to fight against the slopes of your backyard, work with them and create multiple levels through the use of landscaping techniques such as steps, retaining walls and raised garden beds, multi-level planters and winding garden paths. These landscaping features will not only increase the usability of your backyard, they will also give the illusion of space.

Lighting makes all the difference

Strategically placed lighting will transform your tiny backyard into a cosy hideaway. String up lights along the back of your fence to make your yard appear more spacious, install in-ground lights to highlight your garden bed or patio area, use spotlights, cluster lights, or backlights to bring attention to specific plants, or install stair or rope lighting to give depth to your landscaping. Lighting can be used to draw the eye to different parts of your garden, which will effectively distract from its size.

Optimise space through multitasking

One of the best ways to add more features into your backyard without making it appear cluttered is through multitasking. For example, if you’re torn between investing in guest seating or a garden bed, why not simply combine the two? Opt for geometric bench style seating that doubles as a planter box at the top. You could also DIY an outdoor wooden coffee table with room for a row of succulents down the middle.

Make use of vertical space

Vertical planters have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years and come in a wide variety of styles, including standalone feature walls, wooden pallets, hanging shelf planters, pocket platers that attach to your fence, stacked crates, vintage ladder planters and even strategically hanging recycled soft-drink bottles or old rain gutters. A vertical garden means allows you to plant as many herbs, flowers, and succulents as you like without compromising space and will add a new dimension to your backyard.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our space-saving backyard makeover ideas. If you want to install a concrete patio or feature area into your backyard, A Better Driveway will work with your existing space to create a stunning backyard feature. Contact us today on 03 5783 4746 to see how our concrete services can benefit you.