Give Your Patio a Concrete Makeover

If you’re planning on renewing your outdoor area or patio this summer, consider undertaking a concrete makeover. Concrete backyards are a great alternative to regular lawn, as they are low energy, low maintenance and can be designed to complement the overall aesthetic of your home. Read on for 3 reasons to swap your lawn for a concrete patio.

concrete patio

Save on your water bill

Maintaining a healthy looking lawn requires a lot of water, which isn’t good for your bank balance or the environment. Driving around Melbourne, you will notice many lawns begin to deteriorate during the warmer months, as the dry conditions cause them to become patchy or yellow. Australia’s water restrictions, coupled with low seasonal rainfall, mean that a lush green lawn is simply not achievable for most households, so why not upgrade to a sustainable concrete outdoor area instead?

Cut all gardening requirements

By swapping your lawn for a concrete patio, you will not only be saving on water, but also other gardening expenses such as fertiliser. Fertiliser is a huge contributor to water pollution in Australia and its production leaves a large carbon footprint – something all Australians should be mindful of. A stylish concrete patio in either coloured concrete or exposed aggregate will significantly reduce the time and money spent on garden maintenance, so you have more time to relax in your new outdoor area.

More opportunities for outdoor entertaining

Concrete patios are incredibly versatile and are great for entertaining guests. By replacing your lawn with a concrete outdoor area, you will have more room for outdoor furniture, decorative features and even a barbeque. The opportunities for outdoor entertaining are truly endless with a concrete patio area, and you won’t have to worry about telling guests to avoid the lawn so as to not ruin its appearance.

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