Garden Trends for 2020 (What We Predict)

We love the ever-changing landscape of what’s trending in the gardening world. With the human mind at the helm, you never know what sort of design or aesthetic is going to take-off next. In today’s blog, we’re going to explain what we think our predictions are for garden trends this year and how some of the designs match exposed aggregate driveways or paths.

Big emphasis on sustainability

We mentioned in our last blog that sustainability is the way of the future – and it’s true. We think (and hope) that more people will be looking to establish a sustainable garden – especially the younger generations. This can be through a vegetable patch or even just by employing more organic gardening methods in general. There are many benefits to something like a veggie patch, for example, such as saving money and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Next time you look at redesigning your garden – consider a more sustainable approach to things.


Turn your garden into a retreat

Everyone loves to feel like they’re on holidays – which is why we’ve got a good feeling about this prediction. Think of exotic and unusual plants and flowers that will make your garden feel a little less like home and more like a getaway. Of course, it’s not just the plants, but the arrangements as well.

Structure and plant them in unique and creative ways instead of uniform, generic garden beds. If you want to do something really special, then you can border your exposed aggregate driveway with tall exotic plants, so they surround you every time you drive into your property.


Carefully crafted outdoor living spaces

The outdoor living room is nothing new, but we feel like more people are starting to look for more quality products nowadays – and that might reflect in this year’s garden trends. Stone tables and high-quality furnishings that are made as well as they look. This will be fantastic and encourage more outdoor time throughout the year.

This may also prompt you to update your outdoor coverings as well, making it possible to relax outdoors during the rainier weather. Once you have a solid outdoor living area, the possibilities are endless with what you can do. You could install an outdoor fireplace or even a second kitchen.


A succulent garden

The last few years have seen a rise in the popularity of succulents – and we don’t believe that will slow down anytime in 2020. A succulent is a type of plant that is usually quite thick – the easiest example of a succulent would be cacti. They’re thick because they’re able to retain water and moisture quite well. They should be watered roughly around once a week where you should soak the soil quite thoroughly.

Succulents commonly come as small pot plants and can be arranged creatively in your garden by hanging them from rope or chains – suspending them above – or even by creating a dedicated succulent rack. Succulent racks – and small pot plant racks in general – are pretty popular already so we think people might be favouring the more vertical option of the two – adding a dynamic layer to your garden.


Bordering your driveway

People are always looking for more ways to spice up their lives and the things in it – and exposed aggregate driveways are no exception. Bordering your driveway is nothing new, but this year we might see an increase in stone and rock borders. Instead of leafy green patches – pebbles with larger rocks placed throughout the bordering beds may take the spotlight.

At the end of the day, Australia is predominantly a desolate and dry country – so having a border like this is not entirely out of character. It’s also a lot easier to maintain. You can even plant succulents around it if you’d like.


Interested in exposed aggregate driveways?

We think 2020 is going to be a great year for garden design and can’t wait to see some of these predictions come to life. If you’re looking at replacing your driveway – or need a new one – and aren’t sure what material to choose, then A Better Driveway can help you sort that out.

Exposed aggregate driveways are unique, durable, slip-resistant and look fantastic. With an endless amount of combinations to choose from, exposed aggregate driveways are versatile and can suit any home. There are no better experts to bring your driveway dream to life than those at A Better Driveway.

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