Five Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Winter Garden

One of the most depressing parts of winter is seeing the bleak and barren landscape of your garden every time you look out the window but this doesn’t have to be the case. This week, we take a look at five key ways you can add a little colour and cheer to your backyard during the winter months.

Get out the paintbrushes

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest ways to lift the appearance of your yard during the winter months is to add a splash of colour. Statement walls or colourful fences take no more than a few coats of paint and can give your yard a whole different feeling. If you’re stuck trying to decide on a colour, take a look at Pantone’s colour report for 2016 for some inspiration.

Evergreens and edibles

Although we don’t traditionally think of winter as a time for flowers, there are plenty of blooming plants that thrive when the mercury drops.  Snowdrops, early cheer, polyanthus, pansies, cyclamen, and lavender are just some of the flowers that continue to grow through the winter months in Australia. Edible plants are another option, as many colourful vegetables such as flowering kale, rhubarb, and rainbow chard grow during this time.

Investigate ornamental lighting

Lighting is a great way to add warmth to a space and light up the dark winter nights. Play up the ethereal beauty of the bare trees in your yard by winding some fairy lights through the branches, or create a cosy feeling in your outdoor entertaining area by strategically placing some ornamental lanterns.

Think arty

There are plenty of ways to get creative in your garden and make a bold artistic statement. Small projects like colourful birdhouses, novelty mailboxes, garden sculptures and water features are all simple ways to bring some cheer into your yard and chase the winter blues away.

Consider the concrete

Concrete surfacing can be used to create a vibrant statement in your yard. A coloured concrete driveway is guaranteed to brighten up your front yard, whilst your garden path can be given a facelift with multi-coloured exposed aggregate.

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