6 Ways To Prepare Your Exposed Aggregate Driveway For Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time of year for some. Dating back 2000 years to the Celtic people, what we know as Halloween today was originally the festival of Samhain. The Celtics believed that on the 31st of October, when summer ended and harvest began, the barrier between the living world and the dead were blurred and weakened – allowing spirits to pass into the living world.

Today, though, most people just dress up in their favourite horror or pop-culture outfits and go to parties or – more notably – go trick or treating around their neighbourhoods. That’s where your exposed aggregate driveway comes into the mix! Today we’re going to be talking all about how you can spook up your driveway and front yard to get more involved in the festivities.

1.    Cleaning the yard

First and foremost, you’re going to want to get your yard and driveway into tip-top condition. That means mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and cleaning your driveway. The fantastic thing about an exposed aggregate driveway is its non-slip surface makes it the best option for young trick or treaters to be walking on after dark. That being said, you should still do a sweep of the yard to make sure there are no tripping hazards. Once you’ve sharpened up your yard, it’s time to start with the decorations.


2.    Pumpkins

An iconic staple of Halloween all around the world – pumpkins are a fantastic first step in transforming your yard into a Halloween haven. If you’re feeling particularly artsy, then you can carve them out and light candles inside of them to give them a scary effect – or even carve images into them. Consider using battery-operated flames to reduce the risk of any fire hazards. Place them around your yard and driveway to guide the way for trick or treaters.


3.    Gravestones

An especially fun and affordable idea is to get some fake grave headstones to place around your lawn. You can put the names of famous horror characters on them for even more detail. If you can get some fresh soil from Bunnings, then you can pile it in front of some of the headstones to make it seem like they were just freshly buried. Decorate the headstones further by sticking white streamers shaped like ghosts around them and on your trees and windows.


4.    Light the way

We mentioned that the pumpkins with candles can be placed on your driveway to light the way for the trick or treaters, but you should add more lighting to your repertoire just in case. If you have any outdoor lighting on your porch or in your garden, then take full advantage of them.

Even with daylight savings, there’s no guarantee that people won’t come after the sun sets – so be sure to place lanterns by your doors (again, best to use battery-powered candles if possible) to illuminate the area. This will also advertise to trick or treaters that you are participating in the fun.


5.    Fog machine

This is for those people that want to go that extra step further. A fog machine can be a lot of fun and give some great effects when combined with lights in a dimly lit environment. It’s also a lot safer than dry ice whilst still giving a similar effect.


6.    Have fun!

Don’t forget to dress up yourself and have that bowl of candy ready for when your guests come past. Be sure to be friendly and enjoy yourself. Halloween isn’t only for children – and with your exposed aggregate driveway complimenting your set-up, you’ll be the most popular street in the neighbourhood.


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