Creative Ways To Dress Up Your Driveway

There are a number of creative ways in which you can dress up your driveway that do not have to involve a lot of time and effort, and that can be undertaken by your local concrete and exposed aggregate driveway professional. Textured finishes, coloured aggregates and polished concrete have generated a range of ideas that, when put into practice, complement and enhance the surrounding buildings in addition to providing practical access.

Gone are the days of plain grey concrete driveways as the choices available to consumers, using modern techniques, materials and colouring, continue to develop for both residential and commercial properties. Here are some tips to help you create a driveway that not only is durable and hardwearing, but that stands the test of time.


Through the use of different texturing or brush stroke finishes, concrete resurfacing experts can dress up the surface of a concrete driveway so that it looks like an entirely different product. Patterns such as layers of concentric circles can be made using steel trowels or wooden floats, and if the building has more of a rectangular look to it, then this can also be echoed in the finish of the concrete. It is important that whatever style or finish is chosen for the driveway that it blend in well with the overall theme of the property and its surroundings.

For an older, more traditional building, concrete can be stamped to resemble flagstones for a more appropriate look. Conversely, it can be stencilled for an ultra-modern design. There is also the option of going for a more three-dimensional look and having “grout lines” and “pavers” carved into the concrete, or using stencils to make them a slightly different colour so they resemble stone paving, for example.


This is where your creativity can really come into play, as the range of surface colourisers is ever increasing. Choosing a colour that matches the walls of your home or office block makes a bold design statement for your property, while concrete spray coatings or acid etch staining will give two very different looks to the overall finish. A uniform single colour may be applied or, if you are looking to use a particular design or logo, you can even consider having it stencilled onto the driveway. If you like the look of brick weave, but a concrete driveway is much more practical, then consider creating a herringbone brick pattern or basket weave using these colour techniques.


If you live in an area that is surrounded by high-rise buildings or trees that block out the sunlight, then having polished or decorative surface aggregates pressed into your concrete driveway will help to bounce light off the surface. This makes it a better reflective surface, and you can choose from a range of coloured rock types depending on your preference and style. Some contractors use a variety of recycled and tumbled coloured glass, which, for houses or offices with lots of glass exteriors such as windows, doors or decorative glass walls, complements the overall design very effectively.

Whatever your preference, it is very easy to dress up your driveway and get the trendy and stylish look you have always wanted, secure in the knowledge that it will provide a hardwearing and non-slip surface for many years to come.