Concrete patios have come a long way. No longer are they bland and boring flat spaces with all the functionality and no personality to match. In fact, these days, concrete patios don’t even come in the same colours and textures. There are many ways in which concrete patios can be designed to suit the needs of your household and to complement the overall look of your property, and here are some of them.


Clever use of concrete pavers interspersed with ribbons of evergreen low-growing plants can add a modern twist to the garden area. Not only does your concrete patio become a practical, hard standing space for garden ornaments and seating, but the mix of planting and concrete also forms a link between the interior of the house and the outdoors. Other materials can also be introduced, such as coloured pebbles instead of plants, or stamped and coloured concrete that really draw the eye. Also, concrete patios do not have to be on one level, and with differing heights and steps or ramps up to secondary areas with retaining walls for plants and foliage, you can actually create a beautiful “garden within a garden” effect.


Having a safe area for young children to play where the adults can also relax and keep an eye on their youngsters is very important. Having a concrete patio with low seating, areas for sandpits and storage cupboards for outdoor games is not only a creative use of space but also a practical one. Building in outdoor blackboards or areas for children to use coloured chalks that can be easily washed away allows small children free rein to develop their writing, mathematics and drawing skills, as well as practise games of hopscotch by drawing boxes and mapping out the numbers 1 to 10, for instance.


Modern methods of concrete manufacturing now allow for a myriad of patterns and designs. If you have a keen chess or checkers player in the house, then why not set out your own giant chessboard in coloured concrete squares or pavers? It will definitely be a talking point at the next family get together, and both the adults and children will have hours of entertainment deciding on who gets to be which chess piece, and playing a life-sized version of the game! You can also purchase large-scale chess or checkers pieces if you don’t have enough friends or family to get a game going.


Last but not least, there are several ways to use your concrete patio for al fresco dining and cooking. Built-in cupboards, a barbeque area or even an outdoor pizza oven can all be housed safely on your concrete patio. Even better, they are easy to clean and keep the mess out of your kitchen.

Are you looking to get a concrete patio done? These ideas are just some of the most popular ones, but it’s really up to you to create a space that you’ll love using over and over again. Just be sure to engage a professional so you get a high quality concrete patio that will last you and your family for years to come.