Continue to Enjoy Your Outdoor Area in Winter with The Tips

Anyone with an outdoor living area knows how hard it is to stay cooped up inside during the cold months, but the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way! By following these handy tips, you’ll be able to make use of your concrete patio all year round, which will surely help to alleviate some of those winter blues.


Make couches cosy with pillows and throws

A lot of outdoor furniture, usually for weatherproofing purposes, can be quite stark, which is only heightened once winter rolls around. Invest in a comfy, cushioned outdoor couch, and then enhance its cosiness with extra pillows and throws. Have a cane basket filled with extra blankets and cushions for when guests come around to make things as comfortable as possible. Not only will this cosy décor keep you warm, it will also entice you to spend more winter nights outdoors.

Light it up 

Warm, inviting lighting can make all the difference to an outdoor space, especially during winter. Make up for the early sunsets by filling your concrete patio are with bright lights, including mood lighting and ambience enhancing options like fairy lights, lanterns, and spicy or vanilla based scented candles to add a real sense of cosiness. Lighting that doubles as a heat source (such as tiki lamps, or even a fire pit) are also a great way to make your outdoor area more comfortable.

Add some heat

Of course, you’re going to need some heating in your outdoor space for it to actually be functional during winter, so explore which options are best for you. If you want a feature piece you could go with the aforementioned (and extremely on trend) fire pit, however a chimenea makes a great alternative. Of course there are plenty of more standard options like electric and gas patio heaters, along with high-tech solutions like infrared heaters which can be installed in the ceiling. It all depends on which option is most suited to your needs and energy budget.

Block the breeze

Obviously, there’s no point in heating your concrete patio area if all the hot air just escapes, or if you’re constantly getting rained on. Invest in shelter like a pergola or verandah, and consider installing things like clear café blinds or outdoor shutters to properly protect your space from the elements.

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