Concrete Driveways and the Importance of Proper Drainage

Concrete driveways in Melbourne aren’t just designed to look fantastic — they also bring practical benefits to the table. We already know that exposed aggregate, for example, is highly durable and slip-resistant. But, when it comes to driveways as a whole — it’s important to look at the bigger picture of how they fit in with your property. One element that should never be overlooked when laying down a new driveway is its drainage capabilities. Why is this important? Read on and find out.

Why proper drainage is important

There is a very simple answer to this question. When it rains — the water has to end up somewhere. Ideally, that somewhere should be in a drain. If it ends up anywhere else, there could be issues. When water pools up around your home’s foundations it could damage them — which could lead to serious structural decay if left unattended. Similarly, if you don’t have a downpipe properly installed on a rooftop (or don’t maintain/unblock your downpipe when required), collected water will have nowhere to go and start to degrade your roof’s structural integrity.

Proper drainage in the garden

Having poor drainage on your property could also affect your garden and natural groundwater sources. A lack of appropriate drainage could cause your plants to drown and carry soil all over your garden — including runoff that could end up contaminating fresh groundwater sources. A simple garden drainage solution is properly designed raised garden beds — which elevate your garden beds and allow excess water to flow through the garden without drowning your plants and causing all sorts of other issues.

Alternatively, you could talk to our concrete driveway experts about installing concrete spoon drains around your garden or chat with a landscaper about subsurface drainage solutions. Subsurface drainage systems are great for grassy areas and utilise specially designed pipes that transport the water away into the drains.

Why proper drainage is important for concrete driveways

All driveways should be constructed on a slight slant leading towards the gutter in the street to ensure that no water is left to pool up on the concrete. Not only can these puddles be frustrating when navigating your driveway, but they could actually also damage, discolour and generally degrade the concrete.

When water is left on top of concrete for prolonged instances, it can seep into the concrete, freezing it and causing cracks to occur. This can severely damage the structural integrity of your concrete driveway. This is even more likely to happen if your driveway isn’t sealed. If it’s been more than three years since your driveway has been sealed — then give us a call to organise a reseal and ensure your driveway is ready for anything.

We mentioned earlier that the slant should lead towards the gutters on the street specifically — and that’s because if they go into any other direction the water could end up damaging your garden or property’s foundations. If your property has a natural downwards slope leading towards your garage, for example, then it’s imperative that you install a French drain (alternatively known as a trench drain) at the end of the slope to avoid any flooding and damage from occurring in the event of heavy rain. This drain should span the length of the concrete and feature a metal grate that can keep debris from blocking it.

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