Choosing The Right Decorative Concrete Finish For your Yard

Decorative concrete finishes are a fantastic way to accent your yard and make a bold design statement. There are three key types of decorative concrete that can be used for paths and driveways around your home; coloured concrete, exposed aggregate and textured concrete. In this article, we take a look at the different characteristics of each finish and which landscapes they are best suited to.

Textured concrete

Also known as stamped concrete, textured concrete can be styled to mimic a wide range of finishes including stone, slate, brick, wood, tile and flagstones. This is a great option if you like the flagstone or brick aesthetic, but don’t have the budget for it. Broadly speaking, stamped concrete looks best in yards with a large flat expanse of lawn or a lot of greenery, as the textured finish provides a striking contrast to the uniform stretches of green.

Exposed aggregate concrete

A popular choice for Australian native and drought tolerant gardens, exposed aggregate concrete is available in a myriad of colours and aggregate sizes. Highly durable and crack resistant, exposed aggregate evokes a natural ground surface finish like something you might find on a river bed or at the beach. The warm natural hues of exposed aggregate make it ideal to pair with the subdued colours of Australian native flowers and grasses, or to accent the bold geometric shapes of a cactus and succulent garden.

Coloured concrete

One of the more unusual decorative finishes, coloured concrete is simply a standard concrete mix which has been pigmented with colour. The range of colours available in this finish extend from dusky pinks through to vibrant bottle greens and even bright ochre reds. A coloured concrete driveway is ideal if you have a long stretch of driveway to cover and they can be used to make quite a bold statement. Classic European or tropical style gardens look great alongside coloured concrete as the pigment can be used to pick up the vibrant hues of the plant life.

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