5 Ways Your Children Can Enjoy Your Concrete Driveway

Our experts know that a concrete driveway in Melbourne is more than just a driveway – it’s a multipurpose tool, a landscape and a setting where the imagination of a child can run rampant. That’s why we thought we’d highlight five fun activities that your child can do on your concrete driveway. This will help encourage them to get outside during quarantine (as well as when it’s over) without having to stray too far from your home. Let’s jump right in!


1.     Hopscotch

A simple and timeless game – hopscotch can be host to hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Draw the course on your concrete using chalk (which can be washed off later using cleaning liquids and some elbow grease) or with some masking tape.

The course will range from 1 – 10 with two/three, four/five and seven/eight traditionally being jump squares that are beside each other (though this can be modified to suit your own variation). The rules to traditional hopscotch are simple:

  • Throw a marker (this could be a stone, stick or a small beanbag, for example) into the first square (if it lands on the outside or on a line you lose a turn).
  • Skip over the first square that your marker is in and hop/jump your way through the course – turning around and coming back when you reach the end.
  • When you reach the square with your marker in it then pick it up and hand it to the next player.
  • On your next turn, throw the marker onto the second square and then every square each turn after that.
  • The first person to finish the entire course with the marker having been on each square and without falling outside of the lines wins.


2.     Down ball

Often referred to as four square or two square (depending on how many players there are) – this game can be great because it also increases hand and eye coordination. Simply draw two squares next to each other (or a 2×2 grid for foursquare). The goal of the game is to bounce the ball more than once in your opponent’s square.

You have to bounce the ball in your square once before it can bounce in your opponent’s square. You can also play a variation with a wall as well where you’ll have to bounce it in your square and off a wall before it can land in your opponent’s square.


3.     Checkers

We recommend using tape for this one as there would be a fair bit of chalk involved in making a checkers board on your concrete driveway in Melbourne. Use small stones from the garden or bottlecaps for the pieces.  You can teach them how to play the game and can make it more exciting by roleplaying and making the pieces come to life. This will encourage children to use their minds and formulate strategies as well as having loads of fun outside.


4.     Snakes and Ladders

Blow up the board game to a larger scale outside where the kids can use themselves as players on the board. You can get pretty creative with illustrations as well to make it more fun and also let the kids add their own illustrations and art to the mix. The rules are the same as they are on the board game edition – just be sure to avoid those snakes.


5.     Lemonade stand

As long as they’re supervised, letting your kids make a lemonade stand on your concrete driveway can be great fun for them and also help to lift others’ spirits who are walking past. Since the quarantine, a lot of people have been occupying their time by walking around their neighbourhood which is another reason this stand is so perfect. You can set up a hand sanitising station as well on the side of the stand to encourage good hygiene. This is also a good way to teach your kids about the importance of hygiene (as well as finding that perfect lemonade recipe).


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