7 Essential Tips for Hosting Christmas

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned hosting veteran, there are some essential things you need to prepare for if you’re planning on hosting Christmas this year. Our Melbourne-based driveway experts are here to give you the lowdown on seven essential tips for hosting Christmas so you and your guests can have the best time possible.


1.     Consider dietary requirements

It’s easy to forget about allergies and intolerances so be sure to double-check everyone’s dietary requirements before buying the food. If you’re looking for some vegan alternatives to a classic roast lamb or turkey, then a quick Google search will reveal a plethora of recipes that will serve as either a base or as inspiration for an alternative. This chilli-charred brussels sprouts and vegan wellington look especially delicious.


2.     Organise seating

Depending on the layout of your home or yard you will also need to make sure there is an appropriate number of chairs for everyone. For starters, they’re necessary for lunch or dinner as people generally sit down during big feasts such as this, and secondly, not all the guests will be able to stand for extended periods (like any elderly family members or friends that may be coming along). If you don’t have enough chairs then you can hire some sturdy, foldable ones from party-hire stores.


3.     Secure entertainment for the kids

If you know there are going to be some kids around, then it’s best to make sure they’re occupied to ensure they don’t get bored standing around with the adults. Whilst it’s not uncommon for kids to have their own handheld devices to occupy them, it still might be worth putting a movie on the TV in the living room that they can watch or a game they can play if you have a gaming console.

You could even try introducing them to board games. If you have a large backyard area and the weather holds up – then maybe buy some water guns from Kmart so they can have a bit of fun in the sun (just make sure your yard is large enough that it doesn’t disturb the adults).


4.     Don’t forget about dessert

There’s so much to do and remember when you’re hosting so don’t let dessert slip your mind – especially since it’s what a lot of people look forward to. Make plans beforehand to make something yourself or organise some cakes or assorted sweets from a dessert shop. If you do happen to forget about dessert – don’t worry, you can always order something from Uber Eats.


5.     Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Hosting large events such as Christmas lunch or dinner can be a big burden and may feel overwhelming at times. Asking for help or even accepting it if it’s offered by other guests beforehand is encouraged as it can ultimately make the day more enjoyable for you and all your guests. You can delegate desserts to them, for example. This is also useful if you have a large party coming over and don’t have enough kitchen space to make everything or refrigerator space to store dishes made earlier like potato salad.


6.     Keep a level head

Whatever you do, it’s important to stay calm throughout the day and enjoy yourself. Even if you’re spending most of it dousing fires so-to-speak you should always try to stay positive and look on the bright side of things. Your mood will influence the vibe of the party so try to stay positive regardless of what happens, that way everyone can have a good time. If something doesn’t go exactly how you planned it then you’ll be able to conjure up an improvised solution if you simply keep a cool head.


7.     Don’t put too much pressure on formalities

Whilst things like matching cutlery/crockery and ornately presented table settings are stunning and can delight guests – they’re not always necessary. It can be stressful trying to make everything perfect, so don’t put too much pressure on those elements. As long as your guests have a relaxing and enjoyable time – they won’t worry if their names aren’t handwritten on place cards at the table.


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