5 Ways to Give Your Home’s Exterior a Personality

Unless you give your home your own unique touch it is possible that it will simply blend in with the houses in the rest of the street. If you want your home to stand out from the rest, there are a few ideal features you add or change which not only reflect your particular style but also boost the market value of your home. Let’s take a peek at 5 ways you can give your home a personality by upgrading the exterior.

A coloured concrete driveway

By implementing a coloured concrete driveway you can make sure your the exterior of your home is stylishly matched to the rest of the house and create your preferred look, whether you wish to align the shade with a soft earthy palette or achieve a constrast with the bright and dark green hues in your garden. A Better Driveway uses oxides which are mixed throughout the concrete, ensuring the colours are permanent. We finish your driveway or patio with a high quality sealer, resulting in a surface that is both hard wearing and attractive.

House with coloured concrete driveway

A shiny new door

A brightly coloured entrance door really adds character and excitement to your home and certainly makes it easy for guests to find your house when visiting your residence for the first time. If you’d rather not use a bold colour you can simply add glass panes or choose a type of door that more closely matches the architectural style of your home.

Exposed aggregate

Another great way to revamp your home’s external style is to play around with trendy textures using exposed aggregate. Exposed aggregate is a concrete surface that is hard wearing and highly versatile. Our expert team can help you choose from a wide variety of colours and stoned textures, and advise you on the right to suit your weatherboard, brick or rendered home.

The perfect patio

Having a patio not only adds to your living space, it also adds to the overall value of you home. Once your patio is in place all you need to do is grab a few chairs and a small outdoor table and “Voila’! “, you’ve transformed the space into an outdoor entertaining haven.

Outdoor lights

From driveway lights and garden solar lights to a charming lantern at the front entrance, outdoor lights are a brilliant way to brighten up the outside of your house. Even in the dead of winter, with the right lighting your home will give family and friends a welcoming feel as soon as they enter your driveway.