5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Easter Holidays

Have you got family and friends coming over during the looming Easter break? Here are fabulous 5 ways you can prepare your home for guests and enjoy the added features and benefits long after your loved ones have left.

Spruce up your doorway

We often concentrate on cleaning up indoors when we have guests coming over, but one of the first things that friends and family see when they arrive – the entrance to the house. Make sure you sweep and clean your doorway, doorstep and door where necessary. You might even like to get a decorative door knocker or fun new doorbell to make your guests arrival that bit more exciting. If your door is quite old, you can easily give it a facelift by simply applying a fresh coat of paint and polishing your door hardware. You can add a doorway mat with a friendly message on it to make all your guests feel especially welcome.

beautiful doorway

Give your patio a makeover

You can renew and refresh your outdoor entertaining area in time for Easter by cleaning up the space and purchasing some new furniture for this space. If you really want to make you patio the talk of the town, you should consider giving it a concrete makeover.  A coloured or textured concrete patio can add style and character to your home, while incorporating areas of exposed aggregate can aid accentuate the natural beauty of the concrete surface. If you don’t have time to tend your lawn or garden regularly, a patio is a great low-maintenance alternative. Achieve a real cosy feel by adding a firepit for those dinner parties that come to an end with a dessert wine or coffee on the patio.

Revamp your living room

One of the easiest spaces to upgrade or enhance in your home is your living room or indoor entertaining area. There are so many easy and affordable ways to give your living room a facelift including:

  • Restyling by purchasing new cushions and sofa covers
  • Adding a piece of artwork to the space
  • Adding some indoor plants
  • Painting or wallpapering a feature wall
  • Getting a new rug or coffee table

Upgrade your driveway

If you expect many of your family and friends to drive to your house for Easter celebrations, you’ll want to make sure that your driveway can accommodate them. Start by clearing any clutter from your driveway along with any leaves or plant debris. If there is anything such as bins or a basketball ring blocking the way it would be better to remove these obstructions as guests won’t know what to watch out for and you may have more than one car parked in the driveway at the same time. It could be the perfect time to give your driveway a new lease on life by getting a standard or coloured concrete, slate paving, stencil concrete or exposed aggregate. As one of the most reliable and professional companies providing concrete driveway solutions in Melbourne, you can trust us to deliver a brand new driveway which meets your exact requirements and wows all your guests.

Get to work on the garden

The garden is often an area of the home that gets neglected when we are busy at work or with the family. If it’s too big a job to do all by yourself, it may be a good idea to recruit family members or even hire a gardener for a day to help you weed, mow and rake before the holidays.