5 Interior Design Trends You Can Take Outside

At A Better Driveway, we’ve always got an eye on what’s happening in the interior design world as quite often, this is where outdoor trends begin. This week, we thought we’d jump ahead of the curve and take a look at five of 2016’s hottest interior trends, which can also be adapted to your yard.

Dark green
Navy and midnight blue have long been dark interior staples but in 2016, they’re making way in favour of jewel tones of dark green which recall the depths of a Scandinavian forest or equatorial rainforest. This rich colour is easy to incorporate into your garden by planting lots of dramatic foliage to create a forest effect.

Once popular choice for garden furniture during the mid 20th century, the seventies revival has brought back the rattan furniture trend. This eco friendly material is used to create bold, sculptural shapes, that are perfect for lounging out in the garden on a hot summers’ day.

Natural finishes and industrial metals
Super polished surfaces of rose gold, copper, and marble are definitely on their way out and in their place there is a resurgence in more industrial looking materials such as black steel and burnished metal as well as tactile, earthy finishes like raw timber and clay. These subtle finishes are ideal for the outdoors, as they require minimal upkeep and perfectly align with the natural surrounds. Try experimenting with these textures through garden furniture, planters, and ornaments.

As access to technology increases, people are beginning to look for places where they can escape and switch off from the relentless demands of their digital lives, and this is reflected in the current ‘nook’ trend in home design. The nook concept has long been a staple of garden design and it’s relatively simple to create your own secret green oasis with the help of strategically placed shrubbery, and a winding garden path.

Exotic touches
Our fascination with all things far flung is continuing this year with heavy emphasis on the saturated colours of Brazil and the lush furnishings typical of Asia. Use these heady design traditions to round out the eclectic aesthetic of your garden with some vibrant patterned throw pillows for your garden furniture, or some ornately decorated lanterns for your outdoor dining area.

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