3 Ways to Summer Proof your Concrete Driveway

The summer months bring with them harsh weather conditions, which can be damaging to your concrete driveway. To extend the life of your driveway, as well as make it more foot and car friendly, try these three summer-proofing tips.

driveway shade

Install shade sails

If you frequently have guests over, or prefer to park your car in the driveway rather than the garage, it’s a good idea to invest in shade cloths to protect any parked vehicles from the harsh summer sun. Shade sails come in a variety of different colours and styles, so you can be sure to find one that perfectly complements your driveway and the exterior design of your home. Make sure you purchase shade sails with added UV inhibitors to better protect your car’s paint, your driveway, and, of course, your skin.

Plant tall, shady trees

If you’re after a more natural alternative to shade sails, lining your driveway with tall shady trees is a great idea. Opt for trees like the Sydney Red Gum, Capital Pear, Robina Mop Top and the Crabapple in a normal suburban driveway setting, or if you live further from the city and have a lot of space, a Manchurian Pear or a Pin Oak make stunning choices. Not only will a tree lined driveway help to protect against the heat, it’s also a fantastic way to incorporate a bit of nature into your front yard.

Opt for lighter coloured concrete

If the temperature of your concrete driveway during the summer months is a big concern for you, it may be a good idea to install lighter coloured concrete. The lighter your concrete, the less heat it will absorb, making it far more foot-friendly.

These three summer proofing ideas will be sure to keep your driveway in tip-top condition and protect against blistering feet and sun damaged cars. If it’s time your concrete driveway got a summer update, A Better Driveway can come up with the perfect solution to suit your home. Call us today on 03 5783 4746 for a free quote!