Ensuring that you get the right driveway contractor for your home or office is as simple as ABC. The three things you need to look out for are as follows:

A – Asking the right questions

B – Background checks

C- Clarify the contract before signing

Make sure you have a list of questions to ask your shortlist of driveway contractors to help you narrow down the selection of firms or individuals which you are deciding between. A professional contractor will expect an astute customer to want to know the answers to a few pertinent questions; if you get the feeling they don’t want you to probe too deeply, then avoid using them. You will also be able to get a feel for how they will behave on the job as contractors in terms of their communication and timeliness. If they start off being a little gruff and difficult to track down to get answers, then they should not go on your shortlist.

The best way to get a feel for a firm’s professionalism is by asking them to provide a list of references for work they have undertaken. Think about what you want to know from their referees, including questions about the trustworthiness of the driveway contractor, whether they were happy with the work the contractor carried out, whether the contractor kept to the contract, and if it is possible for you to visit their premises to look at the job they completed. Finally, you will also want to know if the customer would use the contractor again, and whether the job has stood the test of time.

If you do manage to visit a site that the contractor has previously worked on, look at how the job was finished off, whether it is showing signs of cracks or damage, and whether or not the contractor made the appropriate allowance for drainage through site grading. Check to see if there is written proof of the driveway contractor’s appropriate liability insurance. If the contractor claims to be a member of a professional trade body, contact the trade organisation to check that it is the case. A professional trade body will require a certain level of quality assurance before new members are admitted, so you can also go on their website or email them to ask what this is.

If you have satisfied yourself through questioning and background checks that the driveway contractor you have chosen is the right one for your home or business, the third step is to double check the contract before signing. A professional driveway contractor will be happy to provide written quotations and a contract. Make sure you have clarified pertinent points, such as the responsibilities of the driveway contractor versus your responsibilities. This means ensuring that you are both clear on who will be the responsible party for bringing in any other tradesmen or professionals to work on the job; for example, drainage or plumbing experts, if required. The contract should include the overall cost and a payment schedule, and there should be a guarantee in place to cover the work carried out. Other contractual obligations should include the compaction of the sub grade, and the base and thickness of the pavement.