3 Great Summer Renovation Ideas

Now that the rush of the silly season is over, you’ll likely have more free time to take on a new project or hobby. If you’re looking for a renovation project to get stuck into this summer, why not get on board with one of these four great summer renovation ideas. Not only will you have a rewarding activity to fill those long summer days, but you’ll actively be improving the usability, overall look, and value of your home.

summer renovation pool surrounds

Create an outdoor entertainment area

Summer is the season of outdoor entertaining, so it makes sense make your outdoor area as guest friendly as possible. A concrete patio is a great backyard feature and can easily be installed with entertaining essentials like comfy outdoor couches, a barbeque, and a big outdoor dining table. If you really want to deck out your concrete patio, why not install a patio bar? This way you’ll be able to prepare food and drinks without having to nip back inside for ingredients/ice, which will surely be appreciated by your guests.

Splash out on a swimming pool

If you’ve already got your patio or deck area sorted, why not spruce up your backyard with a swimming pool? While installing a pool is definitely not budget summer renovation project, it’s a great long-term investment and will be sure to increase the value of your home. If you have a pre-existing pool that’s looking a bit worse for wear, you can always update it with some new features like shade cloths, poolside plants, adjoining water features, or even new pool surrounds (exposed aggregate is a great concrete finish for pool surrounds because of its hard-wearing nature, natural look and non-slip features).

Update your driveway

If you’re looking to increase your home’s street appeal, then maybe it’s time to install a new driveway. With thoughtful design and expert technique, a new concrete driveway can really transform the look of your home. Once you’ve sourced a reputable concrete contractor, be sure to discuss the different colours and finishes available so that you can perfectly complement your home’s existing aesthetic.

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