2021 Garden Trends: A Better Driveway’s Predictions

In addition to being the experts of concrete driveways in Melbourne, our contractors also love seeing the different and creative garden designs that different people apply to their gardens. Which is why we’ve decided to predict some upcoming garden trends for 2021. Take a look at what we think for some quick inspiration.

Balcony gardens

With more and more people moving into apartments where there’s limited room for a garden – the balcony garden has become quite popular. The same can apply to your home if you have a balcony, though. Pick your favourite pot plants and strategically arrange them around your balcony. 

Looking for something a bit more exciting? Consider purchasing a trellis wall, putting it against one of your balcony walls and then growing some climbing plants or vines below it and watch them turn the trellis into a gorgeous and lush vine home.

Sustainable produce

This has been a big one the last few years and our concrete driveway experts believe it will only become more popular. Growing a sustainable vegetable patch or planting fruit in your garden is a sure way to cut costs when going to the supermarket.

Even with so many resources online regarding the best way to grow certain fruit and veggies, it’s still a trial and error and process so it really becomes a hobby at the end of the day. Depending on what you’d like to plant, you don’t even need a large space. In fact, you can even just start a small one on your balcony if you’re that way inclined.

The return of greenhouses

We live in an age where classic tropes get recycled and reintroduced to the newer generations – and we think greenhouses are amongst those making a return. These dainty and practical garden features are fit for both a modern and rustic-looking garden (depending on the design of the greenhouse itself) and are a great place to grow fresh produce and just keep plants that are suited to warmer clients.

The defining trait of a greenhouse is that it will stay warm even through winter, so it’s perfect for plants and produce that thrive in hot seasons. You won’t have to say goodbye to your hibiscus and other heat-loving plants in winter with a greenhouse. Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes so you can find an option perfect for your needs.

Outdoor living spaces

An outdoor living room is a perfect option for a sizeable backyard. There’s a lot of versatility involved with outdoor living spaces with more lavish options available if you wish to arrange one on your deck or even create an undercover concrete patio area. The latter can really be transformed into a true living room with furnishings, a fireplace, kitchen and even some entertainment hardware like speakers or a television. Being undercover makes them a lot more versatile since they can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Alternatively, outdoor living spaces can also be more relaxed. They can be nestled in a garden or even just be something as simple as a table and a set of chairs in an open area. If you have the room, you can look at building or purchasing a pergola (which can have a solid or partial roof) to add some charm to it. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for relaxing and taking in nature or even entertaining guests.

Arid gardens

2021 may finally be the year where people embrace the arid, dry Australian climate. This means lots of succulents and other plants that are prone to the dry weather in a light brown, bark garden patch perhaps. This aesthetic also works well when matched with a lot of modern concrete townhouses and homes that have similar, light colours. An arid garden will stand-out and allow you the opportunity to grown many different types of plants you may not usually be able to such as portulaca or coneflower.

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